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For beginner photographers who are starting their journey and need some guidance to get on track. I know how it feels when you have no idea where to begin in order to turn your dreams into reality. And nothing makes me more happy than to share and encourage others who are in the same path as I am. Whether this is a side hustle, a hobby you’d like to perfect, or if you want to become a professional photographer but don’t know quite how to get yourself set up, I’ve got your back. I’ll share everything I know and learned since the very beginning of my photography journey up until now. We’re going to hang out, grab a drink, talk about your goals and dreams, and get you set up with with the tools and information you need to get there.


We’ll chat from the comfort of your home about anything photography and business related:

  • Shooting manual

  • Camera settings

  • Flash

  • Posing

  • Contracts

  • Pricing

  • Editing

  • Lightroom

  • Photoshop

  • And anything else you might want to know.



Includes one entire morning or afternoon hanging out and talking about the subjects above, PLUS, we’ll photograph a cute + fun real couple together, and I’ll show you all I know and learned over the years about posing, making your couples feel comfortable + creating an atmosphere to get real + authentic moments, and spontaneous emotions/reactions out of your couples.

After our shoot, we’ll sit down and have an editing party together and go through each step of it to achieve the look you want for your images. You’ll leave with more confidence in your work/potential, and with a bunch of images of a super cute couple for your portfolio. And obviously, gain a new best friend - yours truly :).



For photographers who are hustling and killing it, and need an extra pair of hands to edit their images. Know that I do not take that lightly. Each photographer produces unique work and my goal is to honor that and edit their images with the same love as if I was editing my own.

Two options on this: You can either send me your desired preset and style settings and I’ll use that as a base and tweak all images for you. Or, I can edit it in my style if you’re looking for something different than yours, or still searching for your editing style.

If you are not a professional photographer but you own a professional camera and need someone to edit your images, this is for you too. Images must be shot in RAW.

$175 service fee plus $2 per image edited.

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Not only for photographers, but for any professionals who want non-cheesy headshots that represent who you are and what you are all about. These sessions are divided in two parts: first, we’ll set up a day to meet up and chat over coffee (or any drink of your preference) about your why, your mission statement, your goals.

Based on that, we’ll come up with the perfect location, style and mood to create beautiful headshots that will speak into that, and bring you more confidence in yourself and your professional image.

2 dates

  • 1st date: 1hr and 30 minutes chat session (*coffee/drink on me) or we can also do this part over the phone if that’s more convenient to you.

  • 2nd date: 1hr and 30 minutes photo session.

30 images delivered



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